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A founding principle of QR_ is to approach PDM from a people rather than systems centric worldview. We like to think this has paid dividends in both delivering tangible whole-programme impacts, and the enjoyment employees and clients can take from engagements. Given a key part of the human experience is the continued evolution and refinement of acquired knowledge, especially on topics grappled with every day, we thought it apt to share some thoughts over the next six months or so. Umbrellaed as ‘Quality Reads’, these topics probably won’t be new to our followers, and we’re certainly not seeking to write definitive engineering or business papers, but they may provide some context for non-domain specialists or prompt a previously unexplored train of thought in those closer to the subject matter. 


Industry Reflections 

Lio Grealou, an external advisor from Xlifecycle Ltd, combines considerable hands-on and advisory experience to reflect on the common systems and process challenges faced by established manufacturers and their start-up challengers, and what each can learn from the other in their efforts to drive efficiency and translate the promises of digital into the truth of reality. 

Topics will include: Key challenges for complex engineering start-ups; System setups for complex engineering start-ups; Driving delivery in complex engineering start-ups; How established OEMs can reinvent their product development from within; What can complex engineering start-ups and large OEMs learn from each other; Start-up to start-up advice for complex engineering delivery; Small results from Big Data.


PLM Essentials 

Not so much back to basics as basics done right, Adam Tonks will guide you through the detail of 9 aspects of PLM any business, whether a challenger firm or established player, must get right to accelerate their complex engineering product development. 

Topics will include: Part Numbering; Part Attributes; Part Nomenclature; BoM Setup; Engineering Structures; Engineering Change Management; Engineering Drawing; Configuration Management; Process Development Models.


PDM Insights 

A more opinion led series, these will take inspiration from recently or frequently encountered questions and conundrums, probably uncomfortably familiar to most, and outline QR_’s take on how they are best addressed in the interests of improving programme efficiency and accelerating product development. 

Topics will include: Signs you are in a 'spreadsheet massacre'; How do I know if I have all my parts?; Is the EBoM dead?; Why do product development teams collect pointless data?; Death by 1000 changes; Heisenberg's Data Uncertainty Principle (or why my data isn't 100% correct); The disease of 'double work'; What's in a feature?; 3C's of master data management.


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