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Podcast: Rob Ferrone and Adam Blomerley on Climb In Consulting

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Nick Synnott of Create Engage hosts QR_ founding director Rob Ferrone and CEO Adam Blomerley in Episode 52 of the hit professional services podcast Climb In Consulting

Having started out as contractors, Rob joined forces with his co-founder, Adam Grant to launch Quick Release in 2003. In Rob’s own words they were ‘two Excel types who saw a gap in the market and wanted to create a fun company of like-minded data geeks’.

It was shortly after this that Adam Blomerley joined the business with his famous ‘5-year plan’ - something discussed in the show. This saw the start of the transformation of Quick Release, moving them from a provider of quality automotive Change Management resource to a fully-fledged Product Data Management Consultancy.

Over the following two decades Rob, Adam and Adam set about scaling firm to help them achieve their goal of ‘world domination’, growing from a team of four into a global consultancy of over 250 people.

Rob and Adam share some hugely candid insights into their journey and what it takes to grow a successful consulting firm. 

The conversation goes into detail on a whole host of topics including:

  • The early days of QR and how they were able to go from day rate contractors to building and scaling a successful consulting firm.
  • The lessons they’ve learnt over the last two decades building Quick Release and the key steps that helped them grow to the size they are today.
  • And Rob and Adam’s detailed advice for anyone looking to build a successful career in consulting. 

Host Nick Synott commented, “I really enjoyed this conversation with Adam and Rob. One of the key values of Quick Release is that they are ‘Quite Refreshing’, that they dare to be different, bringing a new approach and a fresh perspective and they certainly delivered that in this conversation.”

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