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QR_ and Stigma Statistics develop database and website for the collation and reporting of suicide data

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QR_ and Stigma Statistics have been working together and produced this infographic with the help of Shout Crisis Text Line to highlight the impact of suicide and the importance of talking about it.

As part of QR_'s ongoing corporate social responsibility activities, the Special Projects team and others from across the business volunteered three full Saturdays of work to develop a database and website for the collation and reporting of suicide data in the UK. This database will help track trends to better deliver help to those who are the most vulnerable and in need of aid. It will also allow charities to deliver counselling to next of kin more readily.

In the first hackathon back in March, QR_ created the database and website.

The second hackathon in July saw the database and user permissions were finalised, and a lot of headway was made with the reporting suite.

By the end of the third hackathon in August the reporting suite was finalised and the last of the bugs ironed out.

Sam Spriggs of Special Projects, who headed up the effort, commented “Matt from Stigma stats has been blown away by all the work the team has done and is incredibly pleased that he can approach the end clients with a fully functional tool suite. It's been an incredible journey to this point, and I am massively grateful to everyone who volunteered their time to help this tool over the line.”