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QR_ 'Insightinar' #2: Reaction Engines implementing and securing buy-in for a BTRS tool


Real-world case study: closer integration of procurement and engineering to enhance programme performance 

2.05pm BST, Friday 11 September


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Marc Arstall, head of design and systems engineering at Reaction Engines, joins QRonos product manager Samuel Carter to discuss why QRonos was selected and implemented by Reaction, and the resultant changes to the business, both expected and unexpected.

This 25-min whirlwind case study will provide insights into how closer integration of the procurement and engineering worlds can be achieved without heavy, expensive systems, while also providing a catalyst for enhanced business practices and processes.


Presented by

Marc Arstall                 Head of Design and Systems Engineering, Reaction Engines 

Marc is leading a dynamic and hugely dedicated team at Reaction Engines to develop breakthrough technology for space access and high speed flight; the SABRE™. The Synergetic Air Breathing Rocket Engine is leading the way in next generation propulsion system technology. Powered by its highly advanced Pre-Cooler technology, travelling fast, has never been so cool. Marc has worked across aerospace and marine sectors developing advanced technology for leading edge propulsion systems, most notably on the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 for the Airbus A350, where he led the development of the advanced High Pressure Turbine. With rocket science taken care of for the day, Marc keeps life at full throttle enjoying time with his family Charlotte and two young sons, Oscar and Jack, whilst also building a new family home in Oxfordshire. 


Samuel Carter              QRonos Product Manager, Quick Release_ 

Sam is the QRonos product manager for QR_, selected after a diverse early career as a project analyst and consultant on both sides of the Atlantic. Taking an MEng from Warwick, Sam initially joined QR_ for a four-month summer internship in 2016, before returning full time the following year. Sam ensures QRonos remains laser focused on delivering actionable insights to partners, while also leading field deployments, process implementation and ongoing management.

Chaired by

Rob Ferrone                Founding Director, Quick Release_

Rob has worked in automotive product development and manufacturing since 2000, supporting Tier 1s and OEMs across Europe. Realising that effective Product Data Management was an industry wide problem, he founded Quick Release in 2003. Rather than treating broken digital plumbing purely as a systems topic, Rob approached it in a people centric way to remove the burden on talent, get businesses working more productively and pave the way for digital transformation and industry 4.0. Rob has been instrumental in creating the PDM Profession. He moved to Koln in 2006, is married with two children, received German citizenship in 2019 and today focuses on client engagement and innovation.


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