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Right to Left, Left to Right Planning

Focus on each stage

Not just the end goal

QRonos divides a defined end-to-end process into Stages (steps) that each Item must pass though prior to release. Using lead times, QRonos calculates the required by dates and planned dates for each Item using Right to Left and Left to Right planning.

So you know the status, for every single part.

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QRonos Tracker

Designing QRonos

Focused. Configurable. Live.

Image of QRonos Tracker
Trackers and Items

Your central hub of activity

The building block of QRonos is the Tracker - a list of items that have all been agreed to go through a specific build event. Completely customisable to show only the information that is relevant to you.

With the flexibility of spreadsheets, of being able to input and edit your data how you want, and adding the security of a robust software system: information for each item can only be updated by those who should be updating it. Allowing you to plan effectively across thousands of users.


Fast. Live. Customisable.

RAG charts and Glidepaths showing project health and progression over time.

Image of QRonos Metrics

Targeted. Timely. Relevant.

Reports that drive decisions, not merely inform. Showing not only what you want but what you need to see. Reports include:

  • Late Items Report
  • Missing Data Report
  • Stage Report

Image of QRonos Reports

Usable. Integrated. Accessible.

QRonos can be integrated to your existing workflows. Imports can be via CSV uploads, SQL connections or directly within the tool.

Image of QRonos Imports

Enjoy your BTRS process

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